4 sites spread across ≈80,000 km2 river basin

  • 16 hectares of ‘trees’ (≈9250 woody stems  ≥10cm dbh)
  • 4 hectares of ‘recruits’ (>38,000 woody stems ≥1m tall)
  • At least one 5th year recensus has been completed at every site:
    • all original stems surveyed and remeasured if alive
    • all new stems meeting criteria tagged, mapped, measured & identified

Concurrent data on seed fall and sapling recruitment

  • 784 seed traps monitored year-round, bi-monthly collection schedule
    • 3-8 years of seed fall data recorded at each site

Seedling recruitment monitoring at two sites (CC & RA)

  • Evenly-spaced grids of 1m2 plots within central hectare
  • All woody stems ≥10cm, <1m tall
  • 265 plots, >1900 individually tagged seedlings currently monitored

*for data inquiries and requests, please e-mail Project PI Dr. Varun Swamy